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We welcome your comments and feedback on our website, artisans, products and efforts to assist and support these wonderfully-talented Artisans of Oaxaca. Please also send us your ideas and needs for any additional products from Oaxaca that you would be interested in and/or to purchase.

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We invite you to support our very dedicated and talented Artisans from Oaxaca by placing an email order with Oaxaca Encanto. Please list your items for purchase including the Artisan’s name, Artisan’s product number, item price and include any size or color choice per item and the quantity of each item selected in your order. The Artisan product number is listed in the details of each Artisan product – ie. #1. The listed prices do not include shipping charges.

You may email your orders to us Please remember to include your name, delivery address including postal code and any special delivery instructions. We will promptly respond to you with an email listing thetotal order amount,shipping details and costs and expected delivery time.

You may then make your payment for your order with our Oaxaca Encanto account information in our reply email. Once we have confirmation of your order’s payment, we will contact you by email with the conformation of your order and its’ content, shipping details and expected delivery time frame. Standard delivery time is approximately ten business days, depending upon product availability. Express Delivery is also available through FedEx, UPS or DHL.

Muchas Gracias for your interest and support of Oaxaca Encanto and our efforts to assist the very talented and traditional Artisans of Oaxaca!