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Oaxaca Encanto has been building a network of Artesanos/Artisans from around the State of Oaxaca to assist them in the marketing and selling of their products and services; all Hand Made! We will also seek to inform all of Mexico and The World about Oaxaca and its Artisans, traditions, culture, food, people, clothing, activities and handicrafts. Their handmade Oaxaqueno products include blouses, dresses, men’s shirts, shoes, sandals, Mole Negro, belts, long blouses, sweaters, hats, table cloths, bedspreads and more!

We have a well–representative group of Clients/Artisans that are participating with us in the marketing and selling of their products through our network of sales associates around Mexico and in the United States. With our website, we are now able to offer their products to other countries and throughout The World!

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Oaxaca Encanto now includes over 25 participating Artisan groups comprising well-over 350 total Artisans. Each Artisan brings their individual perspectives, talents and creations to their group and to Oaxaca Encanto to honor and demonstrate the history and traditions of Oaxaca through their efforts and products. Each of the eight Regions of Oaxaca bring different textures, designs, colors and traditions to the wide assortment of Oaxacan products offered through Oaxaca Encanto.

There is No Charge for an Artisan in Oaxaca to become a member of our group and its’ efforts.

Thank you for visiting Oaxaca Encanto and please do click on the links to our Artisans’ individual webpages to view and select from their extensive and unique collection of historical and traditional clothing, handicrafts and food products from Oaxaca.

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